How To Make Felt Appliques

- Garden themed applique cushion project This project is an introduction to free machine embroidery, and also includes some hand embroidery, follow the instructions to make a […]

How To Make A Wrestling Ring At Home

How To Erase Wrinkles Under Eyes Best Eye Cream For Lines And Wrinkles How To Make Wrinkle Cream At Home; How To Erase Wrinkles Under Eyes How To Remove Skin Tag From Eyelid At Home Hgh Anti Aging Dosage; How To Erase Wrinkles Under Eyes How To Remove Skin Tag From Eyelid At Home Wrinkle Cream As Seen On Tv; How To Erase Wrinkles Under Eyes Natural Skin Care Products Direct Sales Home … […]

How To Make A Custom Undertale Fight

Play and Listen all of the sounds are actually in the game using a resource pack sorry for the lack of videos ive been really busy with my main channel but heres a sneak Minecraft: Undertale Sans Boss Fight - Dropper Edition! […]

How To Meet Foreign Friends Online

14/05/2015 · Think of it as a Tinder for making friends. The premise is simple: if you’re new to a city, or just want to meet someone new, the app connects you with like-minded others inside a set radius […]

How To Make Duckboards Less Slippery

Slippery decking (1/1),How-To Questions,Wood and Deck Restoration Tips. If anyone is ever in the need to make their deck non slippery. If anyone is ever in the need to make their deck non slippery… […]

How To Open An Anz Bank Account In Australia

28/01/2007 · AD I opened a V2 account with ANZ when on holiday in Aussie a few years ago. It pays 5% as long as you keep over $5000 in the account, and can be managed using Internet banking. […]

How To Make A Voice Stand Out Against Backing Track

Each Digital Download costs £3.00 I'm Backing Charlie - Pete Ware. In response to many requests from fans and friends, my good friend Charlie Landsborough has decided to make backing track versions of many of his songs available from his website. […]

How To Put Optifine In Forge

8/10/2014 · install forge the usual way and then download the optifine as a jar file (forgot how to do this... google it.). go into your .minecraft folder and create a new folder called "mods" then just drag and drop the optifine jar in there. […]

How To Make 2012 Mazda 3 Louder

Worked perfectly in our 2011 Mazda CX-9 for the driver's side. The window had become inoperable and made loud clicking sounds when trying to roll it up, so I went on my hunch and assumed it … […]

How To Receive Money Via Paypal

Your doubt of Can I Receive Money Through PayPal in Nigeria and my answer YES would be cleared. Now you can easily and create paypal accounts and remove the boundry of receiving money from Abroad. Withdrawing your Money from PayPal after getting my eBook . If you buy the eBook and have created your PayPal account that sends and receives, you may be asking so, Prosper how do I receive […]

How To Make A Strawberry Milkshake With Milk

How to make a homemade strawberry milkshake. We love this recipe because it’s SO EASY to make. You only need FOUR ingredients. hulled strawberries; milk; vanilla ice cream; vanilla extract ; All you have to do is combine all the ingredients together in a blender. How to make a thicker milkshake. One of the most commonly asked questions we get when it comes to milkshakes is how to make them […]

How To Make Dome Using Wood

How To Make A Dome Wood Oven. The Best How To Make A Dome Wood Oven Free Download PDF And Video. Get How To Make A Dome Wood Oven: World's most comprehensive collection of woodworking ideas For Pro & Beginner. beginner woodwork. pro woodwork projects. […]

How To Make Up Like Zombie

On the surface, partnering up with a zombie hunter may seem like a conflict of interest. However, since you aren't ACTUALLY a zombie, we think this match is a safe bet. If you recall, there were two choices at the start of the zombie apocalypse: Beat 'em or join 'em. When these two get together, it's the best of both worlds. You're strong suit is getting in on the ground floor of all the […]

How To Make A Ninja Star Fidget Spinner

Today we have an Origami Fidget Spinner DIY for you. Well.. it is BASED on the Origami Ninja Star.. and then quickly and easily turned into a Ninja Star Fidget Spinner DIY. Enjoy! Enjoy! Lucia Ruano […]

How To Make A Promotional Flyer

If readers must bring the promotional piece into the store, make that clear. If there's a phone number to call, make it bold so it can't be missed. If including a reply card, be sure the card has […]

How To Make Your Own Silver Jewelry

One of the things you have to watch out for in making your own tubing is having overlaps of the seam, so when you’re closing it up with the hammer, before you even begin to draw, make sure that everything is nice, clean, that the seam consists of even butt joints, and that you have no overlaps occurring. […]

How To Make Printable Miniatures Dnd

I have a large grid that I can write on with a dry-eraser marker but I do not own miniatures or anything of the sort. I was going to just use paper cutouts with words printed on them (like Monster A, Monster B) but I figured I'd ask you guys if you know of a place where I can print a series of pictures of various D&D monsters (these cutouts would have to be about 1.5in in size to fit in the […]

How To Make A Contact Sheet In Photos

If you have a group of digital photos and you want to print small thumbnail-sized pictures, all on one page or a series of pages, there's an easy way to do this with Adobe Photoshop. Photographers sometimes call this a contact sheet, referring back to the days of film photography when such a page would be made by […]

How To Make Semi Dried Tomatoes In Oil

5/09/2011 · If I dry the tomatoes to store, can I then latter put them in oil to use like I would buy in a jar of semi dried tomatoes? How long would they need to be in the oil. How long would they need to be in the oil. […]

How To Prepare Palakura Pachadi In Telugu

30/12/2009 Clean 1 bunch of spinach and chop finely. Chop onion , tomato , green chillies and freshly pound ginger garlic paste. Heat a pan add oil and when hot add dry red chillies , cumin seeds , green chillies and curry leaves . […]

How To Put Full Profile Pic On Discord

11/08/2014 · How do you put moving pictures on your profile pic? you have to find a video that has a moving image and then save into your files then put open … […]

How To Make Baking Mix Like Bisquick

This quick and frugal Homemade Bisquick baking mix recipe will make a wide variety of recipes such as pancakes, waffles, biscuits and much more. Skip the big brand commercial made box mixes and keep this homemade baking mix on hand instead. A healthy hom . Amy Long. Food. See more What others are saying "DIY Bisquick mix, this stuff is awesome! Homemade baking mix makes pancakes … […]

How To Prepare For Medical School Interview

WHEN youre applying for a spot at university, there are several hurdles youll need to jump over before being assigned a student number and shopping for a new backpack. If youre a budding acting or […]

How To Defend The Spinning Attack Move In For Honor

Defending Jet Motion. Don’t take the bait. Don’t get out leveraged. The jet motion is a great leveraging tool that offenses use to either move the defense (to counter the opposite way) or cut them off (speed kills). Auburn under Malzahn has utilized the jet motion to create deception and outmaneuver opponents. The speed at which the jet motion attacks, forces the defense to recognize the […]

Qut How To Pay Student Amenities Fee

For further information please phone the QUT Research Student Centre on +61 7 3138 5306 or email 3. You will need to pay a non-refundable application fee of AUD$55 (A$50 + 10% GST) when you submit this form (complete section 13 Payment of […]

How To Make Fresh Cheese With Rennet

How to Make Farmers Cheese. First, you dont have to be a farmer to make this cheese. Fresh, raw milk straight from the barn is an ideal ingredient, but almost any type of milk from the grocery store will do. Goat, sheep, cow any variety will work, and each lends its own characteristic flavor to the final product. The only thing to avoid is ultra-pasteurized milk, as it does not […]

Prison Hooch How To Make

Using our free SEO "Keyword Suggest" keyword analyzer you can run the keyword analysis "making hooch" in detail. In this section you can find synonyms for the word "making hooch", similar queries, as well as a gallery of images showing the full picture of possible uses for this word (Expressions). […]

How To Make A Wave Pool

Big-wave surfer Kelly Slater shocked the sports world a little more than a year ago with the creation of the largest man-made wave pool in history — and now he intends on opening the first […]

How To Contest A Restaining Order

If the restraining order is granted, a sheriff will serve copies of the restraining order on the respondent. The respondent then has a limited time to decide whether to request a hearing to contest the restraining order. If the respondent re […]

How To Plan A Business Trip Overseas

Adventure Travel International international travel agency business plan executive summary. Adventure Travel International (ATI) is a start-up travel agency that specializes in adventure tourism and travel. […]

How To Make Your Own Rubber

Without any way to make my own rubber, I had to turn to a common substance: hot glue!! Today I will be showing you how to make your own useful mini and disposable rubber spatula using hot glue and some other common household materials! It's great for use in labs, for artists, and many other ways! […]

How To Play A Trombone For Beginners

Beginner Trombone is a challenging instrument, and a local Beginner Trombone tutor can really improve the lessons! If you are a local Beginner Trombone tutor wishing to offer your lessons in Beginner Trombone or any of our other instruments, please register with First Tutors: Music or learn more about us here . […]

How To Make A Surfing Shoebox Model

The style of surfing when you’re riding single fins and twin fins also has to be much smoother as you work with the board and wave to make the most of any situation, which is helping to improve people’s surfing … […]

How To Make Guitar Picks Out Of Wood

But I will admit yes, it's not legal to make something out of a tortoise shell. And though I myself wouldn't do it, hell... I'm not going to say someone's wrong for utilizing something that is 20 years old... as someone with a high amount of native american descent, I've made bone guitar picks, pick guards, and other tihngs from animals that aren't endangered. But if I find an eagle feather, I […]

How To Prepare Baby Corn Recipes Indian

Add the baby corn, peas, pepper powder, ginger-garlic paste, asafoetida and salt and cook for 5-10 minutes. If needed, add a cup of water to allow the ingredients to cook well. Add the mixture to the 2 cups of rice. […]

How To Make Sex Happy

Trying to “make” a woman happy is really about you. RSVP to join weekly calls on Love, Sex & Relationships — It’s a shame because as a man you take on so much unnecessary stress that […]

How To Make A Silk Screen Printing

This is the basis of silk screen printing. Another way to make a stencil is to cut out parts of a drawing and glue them into position on the screen. Then ink over the screen with a blocking substance. […]

Wikihow How To Make Friends

Tell them to tell their friends to stop if they believe they are going to start spreading a rumor. Encourage them to find other friends to bring along during the confrontation, as it may make more of an impact and help them feel more comfortable. […]

How To Make Every Free Throw

16/03/2010 The North Carolina State engineers calculated the ideal rate of free-throw backspin at three cycles per second. That is, a shot that takes one second to reach the basket will make three full […]

How To Open A Port In Win 10

To solve this, just enable it : Click Start, Control Panel, Programs, and then Turn Windows Features on or off. In the list, scroll down and select Telnet Client and click OK volody Nov 3 '10 at 1:41 […]

How To Put Silver Cross Car Seat On Pram

Hello, Can the silver cross pioneer be transformed to a double pram with a bassinet and seat at the same time? Ashleigh S asked on Jun 02, 2018 Answer this […]

How To Make A Game Using Source

Blender3D is an open source game engine, modeler, animator and 3D renderer under the GNU GPL license. Uses Python as scripting language. GGZ Gaming Zone is a cross-desktop gaming integration platform with a python package, including GGZBoard and others . ika is a game engine built on top of SDL with Verge as an ancestor . Pyrr - a old python wrapper for the irrlicht game engine . pyirrlicht […]

How To Make Your Picture Black And White In Paint

Note: You can change pictures that are in Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) format only to grayscale or to black-and-white. Change a picture to shades of a single color Right-click the picture that you want to change, and then click Format Picture on the shortcut menu. […]

How To Make A Pretty Bow With Thick Ribbon

In order to decorate your presents during the holiday season, this quick tutorial will show you how to make a beautiful gift bow. Using a somewhat thick ribbon, determine the size of your bow and wind it around itself about 8-12 times, the more winds, the thicker your bow will be. […]

How To Play Pokemon On Tv

2/08/2009 · Best Answer: If you have a gameboy player with you gamecube you can play pokemon games on your tv through your gamecube. Also in the pokemon staduim games for the N64 you could do that to with a GB game connector that went into the controller. […]

How To Say I Cant Speak Korean Well In Korean

7/07/2008 · If you cant speak korean well and your american can you still audition for SM entertainment? YES OR NO? You should NEVER put any make-up. They will probably say, “Are you here to see an audition or to party?” Make-up can make a person look prettier, but SM wants students to look like a student, and keep that image alive. A lot of people put make-up on their eyes to make it … […]

How To Make A Nice Sex

Good sex is the glue that keeps a relationship together, and a fundamental part of good sex is two happy customers. Whether you want a long-lasting relationship or a friend-with-benefits that keeps on coming back, its important that you learn these skills practice them, perfect them, and youll have a fundamental skill needed to keep women and that most men are lacking. […]

How To Make Kiwi Strawberry Smoothie

8/03/2013 · Hope you all enjoy my video! It's not a beauty video, but it's a great healthy treat to get ready for Summer! I LOVE smoothies!!! If you would like me to make more recipe videos, let me know in […]

How To Make A Solar Race

The mechanical systems form the structural foundation of the solar car. While the methods and technologies used in the mechanical systems are well established in the automotive industry, the quest for a light, yet reliable vehicle leads to innovation in mechanical designs. […]

Minecraft How To Make Fridge

7/10/2013 How to Make Furniture and Appliances in Minecraft: A Tutorial . Updated on October 7, 2013. Anthony. more. 1. The Couch. The couch is fairly simple to make. Don't worry that your character cannot, in fact, sit, but focus more on the visually appealing payoff. In order to make a couch in Minecraft, you will need: Minimum of 2 stair blocks; 2 signs; The reason that you need a minimum of […]

How To Make Egg Rolls Ahead Of Time

I toast an english muffin, fry an egg, add miricle whip and american cheese. It's really good for a breakfast on the go, or any time really. Easy to make. I have made extra before and kept them It's really good for a breakfast on the go, or any time … […]

How To Make Homemade Tater Tots

Skip the spuds and ditch the deep-fryer in favor of this quick and healthy recipe for 5-Ingredient Baked Cauliflower Tots. There are two things I always scour a restaurant menu for: doughnuts and tater tots. […]

How To Make A Video Annotation On Youtube

YouTube prefers the use of ending screens over annotations because they are less annoying. Therefore, it believes the viewers will be able to enjoy the videos, hence the views will increase. […]

How To Make A Fabric Covered Valance Box

I love it– I've been wanting to make fabric covered ones to add to the decor in the master bedroom… but now I'm thinking wood. Thanks for the tutorial! reply. Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic wrote: Love the idea to add the rod brackets on the inside. I made valances a few years ago from old door casing and really had a hard time putting the curtains up, DUH! I should have attached […]

How To Make A Photo Transparent

Todays post will show you how to make a transparent acrylic photo block cool! in under ten minutes. Ive seen acrylic photo blocks on large photo product sites and always thought they looked so cool. Instead of being in a frame, your photo is printed onto a transparent block: […]

How To Check Who Has Open File

16/09/2010 Re: VBA Code To Determine Who Has File Open This is a great step forward on a problem I have been unable to solve for years! However it seems to fail on network drives (we use a distributed file system) - when i try and find out just who exactly has the file I want open, it just gives me *my* Windows username back. […]

How To Make A New Page In Google Docs

Google Documents offers such an option. Click "Create an Account" on the Gmail homepage and submit the required personal and contact information. Enter the security code and open the new […]

How To Make A Ddp Master

Lose 20 Pounds Ddp Yoga Detox Juice Pure Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Recipe Lose 20 Pounds Ddp Yoga What Is In The Juice Master Detox Special How To Detox The Body From Mercury Tea For Detoxing The Body. […]

How To Say My House In German

English: German: Sample sentences: The realtor suggested an appointment to have a look at the house. Der Makler schlug einen Termin vor, um sich das Haus anzusehen. […]

How To Make Hand Glider At Home

how to make outdoor hand launch glider. how to make outdoor hand launch glider how to make outdoor hand launch glider Glider Extreme Team provides an … […]

How To Meet Your Goal Weight

Keep improving your health and fitness Once youve lost your goal weight, does that mean the job is done, so you can go back to your old habits and cruise on through? Of course not. This is a great opportunity to build even more healthy habits that help you consistently feel and look a […]

Adobe Photoshop How To Move A Layer

Adobe Photoshop: Is there a way to move a layer independently of its layer group? Adobe Photoshop: When a text layer is selected, is there a keyboard shortcut to go to the typing/editing mode? In Photoshop, is there a way to center a selection box without moving what's selected? […]

How To Make The Best Bbq Chicken On The Grill

Use tongs to transfer your chicken breasts onto the grill or grill pan. For chicken breasts about 1 inch thick, cook for about 5 minutes on each side, turning every minute and basting as you go, or until golden and cooked through. Spoon a little of the … […]

How To Move Photos Into Iphoto

Import the photos into the new library. Move Your iPhoto Library to a New Location/Mac Even though you can use the multiple libraries tricks to move your photos to a different location, you can also move it by using a simple drag and drop. […]

How To Make Sugar Paste Dinosaur

Dinosaur Cake Easy Dinosaur Cake Tutorial Dinosaur Cupcake Cake Girl Dinosaur Dinosaur Cakes For Boys Dino Cake Make A Dinosaur Dinosaur Birthday Party Boys Birthday Cakes Easy Forward Delight your dino lover with a bright green dinosaur cake and listen for a ROAR of approval. […]

How To Make A Nerf Football

Yesterday I bought a Nerf football so I could steal the whistles out of it after watching Captain Mike's build video of the Freewing F-18 The whistles are pretty long compared to … […]

How To Make A Parterre Garden

When thinking about how to design a potager garden, you are best off starting out with just a piece of paper. Consider the space you have in your garden and the plants you wish to grow. Draw all of your potager design plans out on paper before you put anything in the ground. […]

How To Run Chkdsk As An Administrator In Win 10

19/09/2009 · I feel like a newbie here but I went strait from XP to Windows 7. How do you run a program as an administrator within the Command window? Somehow Windows corrupted my SD card and wants to reformat it. […]

How To Make A Gague For Your Rain Tank

But if you plan to use it to monitor rain, keeping your PC on "all the time" and nearby a the rain gauge is not a good idea. Specially so, if your rain gauge happen to be remotely located. Specially so, if your rain gauge happen to be remotely located. […]

How To Control Someone You Love

You are madly and deeply in love with someone, and you desire for them to love you back. The problem is no that matter what you do, like making yourself pretty, wearing the sexiest outfits, adjusting your personality to his liking, stalking him and getting yourself into his interests, he just won’t give you even a little bit of love. […]

How To Make Custom Chalk World At War

12/09/2018 · Home Forums > Gaming > Call of Duty Series > Call of Duty: World at War > Call of Duty: WaW Modding > PC World At War Zombie Mod Menu v5 All Map's + Custom Maps Discussion in ' Call of Duty: WaW Modding ' started by xxCRIGGAxx , Feb 24, 2015 with 36 replies and 116,913 views. […]

How To Receive Online Payment In Nepal is an online pay service introduced to make life much more easier and simpler. End User can buy available services from any part of the world using our platform as payment gateway and anyone can become Merchant or Reseller or Super Reseller in a single platform. […]

How To Make Pointe Shoe Covers

So Danca Pointe Shoe Covers AC09 are a must have for any pointe dancer! Keep your pointe shoes in pristine condition during warmups and off stage with these ballet shoe covers! It has a cloth cover and a suede bottom in a variety of different designs, we guarantee you'll find one you love! […]

How To Make Live Worms For Fish

Few things are more enjoyable than catching a big fish, and few things are better for catching a variety of big fish than live fishing worms. If you are someone that goes fishing often like myself, then you probably know that this highly common live bait can get expensive after several trips. […]

How To Make A Rum Runner Mixed Drink

How To Make The Rum Runner. Add everything into a cocktail shaker and shake it all for 10 to 15 seconds and strain into a tall glass. Garnish with an orange wheel. source unknown. Garnish. Orange Wheel Glass. Chicago Hi Ball Glass. Tasting Notes . Raspberry candy with a little banana filling; This is a potent number, you can taste the alcohol. […]

How To Make Clean Beard Lines

"You don’t want a line so sharp that your beard looks like a chin strap," says Elliot. In beards, as with breasts, natural is always better. In beards, as with breasts, natural is always better […]

Youtube How To Make A Starburst Bracelet By Hand

How to Make a Starburst Bracelet By Hand. Making a Starburst Bracelet on a Sunshine Loom. This link would guide you on how to make a starburst bracelet on a round-shaped Sunshine loom rather than the rectangular ones. Starburst Bracelet Tutorial. So with a host of instructions at hand, you would certainly have a whale of a time in making a few of these beautiful bracelets. Published on […]

How To Make Things With Kinetic Sand

Similarly, with kinetic sand, the polymer chains within the silicone oil make the sand particles stick together so you can form them into a ball. However, the ball will slowly flatten out over time. […]

How To Make A Armor Dispenser In Minecraft Pe

9/06/2016 · Hi Guys ! I Hope You All Enjoy My Video Thanks For Watching ! Don't Forget To Leave A Like And Don't Forget To Subscribe ! Check Out My Instagram And Twitter... […]

How To Order A Company Search

A Turks and Caicos Islands company search report is delivered by email in 2 - 6 days. Order a Company Search Report in the Turks and Caicos We can supply a Company Search Report on companies registered in the Turks and Caicos. […]

How To Make Chelsea Buns

Rub 125g butter into remaining flour until crumbs form. Stir in zest, mixed spice, remaining sugar and a pinch of salt. Make a well in the centre, add egg and yeast mixture. […]

How To Make Youtube Play In Background Android

2.3.23 build 323 - hotfixes 2.3.23 build 322 - now sharing on YouTube does not require prior "Export to Gallery" - you can choose to record videos to external SD card in the app's data folder. […]

How To Meet A Girl For The First Time

Ah, virginity. We’re told so many things about what the first time feels like: that we’re going to bleed like a stuck pig; that it’s going to hurt like hell. […]

How To Make A Pvc Wing Chun Dummy

How to buy a Wing Chun Dummy A Wing Chun dummy is an excellent investment in your training. Before your Wing Chun dummy purchase, however, you should consider several factors: Freestanding Wing Chun Dummies vs Wall Mounted Wing Chun Dummies are available in Wall […]

How To Make Wife Wear Lingerie

If you're interested in wearing women's panties for starters try on a pair of your girlfriend slash wife's see what you think see if they're your style see how they fit if you're going to the go to the store to buy them don't hesitate just thinking your head you're buying them for your wife that way everything looks normal seems normal ask stupid questions if you may the easiest way I have […]

How To Open Up More Fps On Siege

Step 1: Open up an empty game/terrorist hunt. Step 2: Find two objects that create a 90 degree angle, preferably about the size of your crosshair. Step 3: Put your crosshair on one of them and close your eyes Step 4: Flick from the one your crosshair is on to the other one and see if you overshot or undershot. Step 5:If you undershot, raise your sensitivity by 5-10. If you overshot, lower it […]

How To Make Myself Squirt Cum

Mom Makes Son Cum Tiwce Tags: Big Tits, Anal, Advertising: Mom Makes Son Squirt Porn Videos: Mom Teach To Drive While She Jacks Him Off And Make Him Cum A Huge Load; 1. Part - To Leave Mom Make Son With Theirs Position; Mom And Son Having Fun; Mom Makes Not Her Son Explode Hard; Mature Mom Making Not Son Cum […]

How To Put Opal Card On Android Phone

Hi Jamie, If the OPAL Website is not permitting you to complete the online registration of your card then please contact the office of Student Administration on (02) 8204 4400, to speak to one of their staff for further information. […]

How To Make Tainthisle Botania

Botania is a mod all about flowers, but not in the traditional sense. There are two types of flora (besides the Pure Daisy and Mystical Flowers ): functional and generating. The functional flora use Mana to perform a function while the generating flora consume items or other sources to generate Mana. […]

How To Make Easy Bechamel Sauce

THEN there is the easy everyday version which we showing you today for our Cooking Lesson. My husband Jack and I have made this recipe numerous of times over the years, and Jack always sneaks in a non-traditional seasoning dry mustard powder that subtly enhances the flavor of many recipes that include a Bechamel sauce. […]

How To Fit Magnetic Door Hold Open Adoored

Electromagnets for hold-open systems. Regulations which apply allow fire and smoke check doors to be held open for a limited period of time by electromagnetic hold open devices which, in the event of a fire or smoke, are de-energized to release the door so as to enable automatic closing. […]

How To Make Paper Beads Waterproof

You can use scrapbook paper, magazines, photos or recycled cards to decorate your tiles. The creative possibilities are endless, Beads Online sells everything you need to make your own Scrabble tiles and alter-art jewellery. Read our quick tutorial below to get started. […]

How To Get A 529 College Savings Plan

With the cost of a 4-year-college degree expected to top $200,000 by 2035, it's imperative that parents get an early start on saving. Mark Kantrowitz, publisher of, offers five tips to saving for college to help parents get ahead. […]

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